Usage & Applications

Our vending solutions are completely modular to allow for a wide variety of applications. These machines can be custom fitted to dispense almost any product from high end electronics, to food products, to t-shirts and apparel. We can even create solutions tailored to smaller products in controlled amounts such as dispensing of office supplies, and even medicines. Our vending solutions are available to meet a wide variety of applications in almost any environment. 

Remote Management

Our Remote Monitoring software allows for 24/7 real time inventory, sales and event tracking. Remote monitoring allows for owners to perform an in-depth analysis on each of its machines and locations. This guides you to service the machines at the right time, allows you to provide consumers the products they want the most, and makes sure you resolve problems before they become an issue.

Video Games & DVDs

Automated dispensing of video games & DVDs is quickly becoming the industry standard. By replacing bulk DVD and video game displays within your store, you can dramatically reduce shrinkage, contributing to more precise inventory control. This saves space and allows your employees to better focus on other customers. Our machines are also perfect for setting up at off-site or outdoor locations. Additionally, you can supplement your next midnight release with related products while customers wait.

Footwear, Socks, & Sandals

Does your business or location require specific attire? Our vending solutions can target customers who forget something vital (e.g. socks in the gym or bowling alley; beach attire (including swimsuits or sandals); or slip-on footwear for a night of dancing in the club). We can create a machine to offer these conveniences or necessities to your customers immediately on site.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Machines

Allow your employees to automatically check out and return tools in a secure way. You can track who checked out each tool, and when they were returned. This can be vital in reducing waste, lost tools, and controlling inventory.

Medical Supplies

Secure vending solutions are a great way to manage access to controlled medical supplies, perfect for hospitals and other EMS locations. Our systems allow for medication to be kept in temperature controlled environments as needed, and can prevent unauthorized access. Employees can gain access via employee ID scan, PIN, or even a biometric finger-print scanner. These machines come complete with a dedicated back-end website that allows you to immediately control access and track inventory in real time.


Vending machines are perfect for the school environment. Our systems are configurable to allow for traditional payment methods, or your schools student cards. Students can quickly and easily purchase branded merchandise to show their school spirit as well as grab vital school supplies right before class. Convenience items such as phone cases, snacks, USB drives, or anything else can be available to students at a variety of convenient locations. Perfect to supplement your spirit or book store sales, and can be setup quickly for tailgate parties, or other events.


Hotels make for a great environment for vending solutions. You can dispense a wide variety of necessities such as toiletries, sundries, or even make available branded merchandise for the visitor who simply must have a bath towel or robe. Our systems are able to utilize the room-key as an alternative method of payment allowing for either direct sales, or just billing directly to the room.

Health Clubs

Vending solutions are an excellent source of supplemental revenue for health clubs and gyms. It can be easy to forget something, and not want to waste time going home. 24-hour gyms are perfect for convenience.  Supplementing with custom-crafted vending solutions can allow your patrons to enjoy their workout stress free. Our systems can dispense items such as towels, gloves, headphones, t-shirts, deodorant, tanning goggles, shower supplies, socks, or anything else your clients routinely need. We can also be configured to work with member ID badges to function as a form of payment. This allows customers to have purchases added on to their monthly membership fee automatically.

Sunglasses, Accessories etc.

Custom vending solutions make for an excellent way to sell higher priced/higher theft items that are best protected behind lock-and-key. We can create a beautiful in-store display that showcases your inventory while allowing for maximum security, perfect for inventory control, or for sales in off-site locations. We can configure out systems to sell almost anything including sunglasses, jewelry, watches, gold/silver, or any other item.

Cologne, Perfume & Makeup

From full bottles, to small bottles, or just samples, our systems are perfect for dispensing your high end, or top selling perfumes, colognes, or makeup. You can even have testers available outside of the machine, or utilize our suite of electronics to offer tailored suggestions based on your criteria.


Electronic devices, such as the iPod, were the biggest driver in modernizing the vending solution market. Our machines are ideal for any high traffic area such as hotels, airports, bus stations, colleges, or anywhere else people gather. Our systems can be configured to sell almost any electronic device from phones, cameras, USB drives, headphones, chargers, etc.

Baby and Toddler Products

Our machines are a perfect supplement to any high traffic area such as malls, airports, hospitals, bus stations, or parks. A baby-product vending machine offers convenience to the busy parent on the go. Our systems can be configured to dispense any number of necessity items as diapers, formulas, rattles, bottles, or toys. Perfect for placement outside of family restrooms, allowing families to continue to stay on site, rather than have to rush home to locate baby supplies.

Snacks & Sodas

Even though we specialize in offering products to a wide variety of nontraditional environments, we still offer the traditional snack and soda vending machines, perfect for almost any location. We can also upgrade your system to carry a more robust selection of snacks including ones that require temperature control.

Inventory Control

The Inventory Control Machine (delete S), or ICM., is the future of supply closet management. ICM enables companies to upgrade existing supply closets with an automated, secure machine that reduces shrinkage and fully tracks access. The ICM dispenses product to the employees based on multiple forms of verification, from ID badge, to pin-code, to biometrics. All dispensers are cataloged, time-stamped and controllable based on clearance level or other factors.

The ICM monitors and collects all dispensing history and automatically alerts you for low stock, out-of-stocks, expiring products, and can quickly create a pick-list for restock. All of this information is available in real time from a dedicated website built and designed to correspond and integrate with the software you currently use.

Our systems do not require you to purchase any products from us. We build, and maintain these systems for your convenience as a way to help you manage your stock. Once the machine is finished, we will train your staff on the day-to-day operations, and you need only contact us for service.

Our software management suite has a variety of advanced features such as:

  • Access can be granted by a wide variety of existing information. We can use pin number, proximity cards, barcode ID scanners, biometric readers, or cameras.
  • Full environmental control to ensure everything is kept at the optimum temperature.
  • You have full control over who has access, with dispensing data or control available 24/7 through your custom back end administration website. This secure login allows you to make changes, and track your system in real time.
  • Full usage reports, re-stock lists, and other reports can be viewed in real time. You can generate reports, print re-stock lists, and even import and export into other software, such as billing or inventory tracking.
  • Our systems are fully secure, with notifications and alerts able to be sent to specific personal for designated conditions.
    Restock access is heavily controlled and requires ID to open the machine.

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