Frequently Asked Questions

Does OVS rent or lease machines?

We can tailor a machine for your event or your pilot program. Rentals are usually short term and used for Marketing Events.

What is Automatic Retail (AR)?

Automatic Retail is a form of merchandising products to consumers in a convenient fun way through automated vending/dispensing machines.

What type of products can be vended or dispensed?

Almost anything can be vended nowadays. Selecting the correct equipment is key to achieving success. Why re-invent the wheel when we can just adapt it to your needs!

Is my product feasible for the vending industry?

Often we think our product is great for vending, however no studies have been performed on whether locations would love a dedicated machine to your product or perhaps your product would need to be located inside an already existing machine. We can help filter your idea and come up with a great market strategy to move more product through the vending line.

What payment methods can the machines accept?

OVS machines can accept several different methods of payment. Some payment options include cash, coin, credit card, debit card, gift card, student ID badges, employee ID badges, and game play payments.

Can transactions be monitored remotely?

Yes, OVS machines are equipped with a real-time management solution. Our online portal allows for user log ins and will allow owners to track sales up to the second, set planograms, change advertising ads, change pricing, run reports, view out-of-stocks, create a pick-list, set alerts, etc.

Can content be uploaded to the machines remotely?

Yes. Through the same Log in portal you can easily upload product images, video, and descriptions directly to the machine from your own computer. Our user friendly software is as fsimple as drag and drop images, and easy as creating an online sale posting.

What happens if my machine needs service?

OVS’s technician database is extensive. In the event a Technician is needed. OVS will locate hardware technicians that are qualified to work on our machines. They will ensure your machine is up and running in a timely manner. For any software related issues, we are on call and can log-in to your machine remotely to fix any issues. Want to train your staff? We can train your staff on hardware and software ensuring minimal down time.

What is the warranty on an OVS machine?

We call it the 1-2-5 warranty. 1 year head to toe, 2 year on compressor if applicable and 5 years on the produc extraction motors.

Are these only available within the USA?

No. Our machines are offered worldwide. We currently have machines in USA, Canada, Mexico, Antigua and Bahamas

What is the price of an OVS machine?

Pricing varies on a number of factors, such as quantity and level of customization. Please contact us for a custom quote.

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