About Us

At Optimal Vending we create the next generation of visually stunning, fully interactive, custom vending systems. By bringing modern technology to the vending market, we allow our clients to offer a diverse selection of products to consumers.  Whether you are looking to sell refrigerated food products, high end electronics, freshly brewed coffee, wine, or practically anything else you can imagine, we can build a custom vending machine to meet your needs.

Everything starts with a standard model.  For many users this robust machine can be quickly configured to accommodate a wide variety of products. From there we work directly with you to identify your real-world needs. Beyond just identifying the physical requirements of the products, we help you assess your target market, and how best to reach them.

This is where the next generation of vending machines comes into play. Our machines can be not only built to resemble your brand, but include digital displays, interactive touchscreens, and seamlessly integrate visual, experiential, and audio stimuli into both advertising as well as the purchasing process.  Our systems can gather vital information for your business. We can include features such as having a user enter an email address for discounts as well as the ability to have an option for an email receipt. Both allow a company to create a list of customers’ emails that can be used for future marketing and promotional purposes. We can even offer discounts when a customer posts using certain hashtags, helping your product quickly reach a viral audience.

At Optimal Vending Systems we want to help our customers build their brand while leaving lasting impressions on audiences of all kinds!

Teddy Sanchez


Teddy Sanchez earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from a top vocational school in the year 2000 and afterwards started his career in the boating manufacturing industry. With over a decade of boating manufacturing experience, Teddy ventured over to project management where he lead construction teams specializing in custom balcony and staircase railings throughout the Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao (ABC) islands. After two years in the railing manufacturing and project management industry, he recognized the need for vending machines abroad in such islands as the ABC islands. In 2010, he was hired by the Jofemar Corp (a vending machine manufacturer headquartered in Peralta, Spain) to work with the United States division, where he was eventually promoted to Director of Operations. What makes Teddy unique is that he has worked in all departments in the vending industry, from manufacturing to shipping to sales and support. He has helped operators, manufacturers, suppliers and entrepreneurs start projects and see them through to completion. In 2017, Teddy ventured with Co-Founder Michele Lee  to establish Optimal Vending Systems. OVS caters to special projects and custom machines with custom training and deployment solutions.

Michele Lee Sparks


Michele Lee  is an experienced entrepreneur who has owned a variety of businesses ranging from real estate, fitness centers and vending routes. Michele grew up working in her family's restaurant business where she learned that operating a business, while indeed hard work, can be very rewarding. In 2011 Michele started Prime Vending, a healthy snack company catering to nearby schools and companies looking for better options in their vending machines. Michele has successfully grown the business to more than 50 machines. She loves every aspect of the vending industry.  She has optimized the routes and has been able to teach others to do the same. 

As a seasoned owner/operator, in 2016 Michele was asked to consult for Jofemar Corporation, where she quickly recognized the need to take the vending world to another level. In 2017, she partnered with Co-Founder, Teddy Sanchez, to bring Optimal Vending Systems to life. Michele is passionate about helping others optimize and grow their business while providing quality customer service.

Nicole Hatch

Senior Technician and Operator

Nicole has been an integral part of one of Optimal Vending Systems’ original route operations, Prime Vending, which was established in 2011. Her work ethic, her honesty, her integrity and her self-motivation are qualities that are of paramount importance when running a  business. Nicole quickly went from part-time  to a dedicated full-time employee who routinely runs the operation with little guidance or oversight. Nicole has gained numerous industry certifications. Customers often praise Prime Vending on Nicole’s efficiency in servicing machines and limiting down time. She currently serves on OVS’ service team, traveling to different cities for special OVS projects.

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